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New: Compressed bales packed in paper!

Newly developed

April 2023,

Sustainability is an important matter these days. As packaging, paper is a good alternative to plastic and other fossil-fuel derived materials. Paper is made out of renewable raw materials, biodegradable and fully recyclable.   

We developed a new baler that is able to compress and pack bales in paper packaging. This machine is suited for packaging bales in both paper and in PE. Paper and plastic packaging protects the bale from physical harm and damage and keeps the compression ratio intact.

Just like the Willems flat foil balers, the paper bale is formed from a roll of paper using a forming shoulder. Having bales made from paper on roll instead of premade bags saves a lot of costs.

New: Compressed bales packed in paper!

New: A Willems baler without hydraulics

Newly developed

April 2023,

Willems has developed a baler that can press and pack bales with electric motors instead of hydraulic. This baler has been developed for products that require less baling and pressing force, such as hay.

The baler is equipped with Motion control. Motion control is controlling a movement via a certain movement profile, whereby mechanical influences (friction, temperature, load, etc.) are adjusted in such a way that the same movement repeats itself over and over again.

Advantages of presses with electric motors are:

  • The press consumes relatively little energy
  • No periodic oil change required
  • Machine is low in decibels
  • Maintenance costs are low.

In summary, this is an energy-efficient and practical way to compress and package products with a low pressing force.

New: A Willems baler without hydraulics

IPM Trade Fair Essen


Januari 2023,

From 24 to 27 January 2023, Willems Baling Equipment was attending the IPM Fair in Essen, Germany as exhibitor. The IPM fair is the world's leading trade fair for horticulture, and everything related to it. The IPM Fair is the world's leading trade fair for horticulture and the meeting place for the green sector. During the fair we saw many new and familiar people. Because of the corona it had been a while since we were able to catch up again.

We would like to thank all visitors for another successful fair!

IPM Trade Fair Essen

Willems Baling Equipment automation also in Allen Bradley in addition to Siemens!

Newly developed

December 2022,

Industrial automation increases the productivity of tasks, processes and businesses. An important aspect of industrial automation is process automation. This includes installing and programming Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). A PLC is an electronic device with a microprocessor that controls various inputs and outputs based on a pre-set program.

Each Willems production line can be equipped with an intelligent control system which perfectly attune the sub-processes to each other and allows an operator to easily alter parameters. The Willems control system is developed and built entirely in-house.

The advantage of a good control system is that an operator can start the entire machine line with just one push on a button and then get to work without having to constantly monitor the machines. This results in optimum capacity, efficiency, greater operational reliability, and of course improved safety.

In addition to Siemens, Willems can now also control its machines with Allen Bradley. Allen-Bradley is part of Rockwell Automation and is commonly used in the United States.


Willems Baling Equipment 30th anniversary!


July 2022, 

In July 2022 we had our 30th anniversary and that had to be celebrated!

Where Jos Willems started in 1992 in a small shed in Reusel with no employees, we have grown to be a wordwide supllier of complete packaging sulutions with more then 75 employees in our modern building in Hapert.

To cope with our current growth and to be prepared for the upcoming years, we have started the groundwork for the upcoming new building that is being built adjacent to our own building. The new building is much needed to make room for the production and assembly of future projects.

In honor of the 30th anniversary, there was a festive evening for customers and staff where they could celebrate the anniversary while enjoying a snack, drink and live music.