Complete solutions for compressed packaging

Willems Baling Equipment offers complete solutions for space-saving packaging of voluminous products. We provide custom-designed fully-automated packaging machines for sorting, weighing, compressing, baling, and palletising, enabling seamless integration into your production line and logistics system.


Balers for every packaging need

Willems Baling Equipment provides balers for compressed packaging of wood chips, wood shavings, hay, grass, hemp fibres, potting compost, synthetic fibres, substrates, fibreglass, insulation materials, cellulose, paper, etc. We can produce a baler for any voluminous product.

Depending on your needs, our balers can produce bales with capacities and weights ranging from one to 250 kg. We also produce all machines relating to balers, such as planers, sifting systems, robot and stretch hooders. And all of it is designed and fabricated in-house.


Speed, precision, and reliability

In our machines, we combine decades of experience, expertise and innovation in fully-automated packaging. Each Willems Baling Equipment baler and packaging machine is manufactured and thoroughly tested for an unparalleled combination of speed, precision and reliability. With capacities of up to 1200 bales per hour and nearly maintenance-free operations, our machines are a responsible and profitable investment.