Fast expanding product

Location: South Africa

Date: August 2018

From sunflower to litter for the chicken house

A producer of all kind of products around sunflower oil, packs and delivers the peels that remain after the sunflower seeds have been removed. The sunflower husk can be used as litter in for example a shed of chickens.

In the past, the litter was not pressed or packaged and was transported as bulk, so the transport costs were high. To reduce these costs, machines were purchased from Willems that can press and package the product. With excellent results!

Word of mouth

This customer came to us through another customer who had worked with us two years earlier and had recommended us.

What was the challenge?

  • Sunflower shells are an extremely difficult product because it has no memory. That means in this case, it does not retain pressing. The sealing must be done very quickly and the pressing must be done vertically. Only the correct method of pressing makes it possible to pack this type of product..

The solution

We have supplied a VL baler with a bunker.

What did it do for the customer?

By pressing and packaging, the customer can save so much transport costs that they have a return of investment within 2 or 3 years!!