Our method starts and ends with the customer. That and the constant care for excellent quality make us unique.

Customer demand

It always starts with a question from the customer for a solution to a problem. Together with the customer we discuss the expectations they have. If we have that completely clear, we will start working internally. We analyze the problem and work with a team of experienced engineers to form ideas, make calculations and then make an offer. After all, the customer wants to know where he stands.

Schedule to fit

If the customer agrees with the quotation, the planner starts working. He makes a total schedule that fits in with the real time schedule of the customer. It is important for both the customer and for us to know when the machine must be in production.

From design to machine

The designs are then made in our engineering and design department. When the designs are ready, we know which materials are needed and will order them. When these are received, the components are produced and the materials are treated to ensure the best quality. The machine is then assembled. A few machines take up a lot of space for this in our workshop.

User friendly

Our machines are equipped with a user-friendly panel with which the machine can be controlled. This panel is integrated in the machine and programmed in our factory.

Testing the machine

To be completely sure to give the customer the best quality, we make a test set-up in our company and we test the machine. Only when everything is working properly is the machine dismantled, transported and assembled and put into use by the customer.

Service and support

Although our machines are almost maintenance-free, we set up remote monitoring in order to be able to respond quickly in the event of a problem. We ensure that spare parts are available and arrange the service with the customer. After all, additional matters such as after-sales and service are the strength of a long-term relationship. Together with the customer we go through everything again and if the customer is satisfied, then we are!