Complete wood shavings factory

Complete turnkey wood shavings factory delivered, installed and put into operation

The Netherlands, December 2020

Willems has been able to supply a complete factory for the production and packaging of wood shavings. Willems has placed the following machine there:

  • 3 buffer / supply bunkers, with a volume of approximately 900 m3, 80 m3 and 40 m3 of wood shavings respectively.
  • Screws and redlers transport system.
  • Drum sieve (placed at a height above the building) for separating: clean wood shavings / sawdust / fine dust.
  • Wind screen for the removal of oversize parts.
  • Balers for pressing and packaging these wood shavings
  • Robot palletiser adapted to handle this extra capacity.
  • Total troughput capacity: 12 ton / hour.

These wood shavings are used as stable bedding mainly for horses.