kitting drums

Location: Netherlands

Date: May 2017


The customer was looking for a solution for a number of difficult issues in the field of kitting (barrel stacking).

  • How do I ensure that two types of products are placed on one pallet?
  • How can I safely transport the barrels?
  • How do I ensure that the lids of the barrels are kept clean?

With a completely different approach than the customer had in mind, we surprised  and delivered a solution that was flexible and also cheaper!

How did we do it?

A barrel weighs 200 pounds. Two barrels had to be placed on a pallet. Moreover, the lid had to be protected against dirt. The customer asked for a solution based on stretch cover. The foil was unable to hold back two 200 kilo barrels in the event of an emergency.

We came up with a solution based on strapping. The barrels are held together well and the lid is protected against dirt.

What solution did Willems Baling equipment deliver?

A robot that labels the barrels, places them on a pallet and protects the lid with cardboard. The barrels get wrapped.

What did it deliver to the customer:

  • A safe solution;
  • Cheaper than with rack cover;
  • A sustainable machine.

In summary: a compact set-up suitable for many customer-specific solutions.


Kitting drums

The video shows the various possibilities of kitting drums. It is possible to add logo / advertising imprint on foil  for clear presentation for own logo for marketing purposes.