Complete Infeed line and relocating existing baler

United Kingdom, May 2023

Complete infeed line with infeed hopper, eight transport augers and drum screen. In addition, an existing baler with infeed auger was disassembled at another location and rebuilt at this location.

In this factory (waste) wood is processed into a product consisting of wood chips and sawdust. The product is very dusty and therefore the smart choice was made to divide the hall into a clean area and a dusty area. After production the product is stored in the dusty area.

The packaging line starts with an infeed hopper in the dusty area. Four augers transport the product from the infeed hopper through the wall to the drum screen in the clean area. The customer can then choose to ether clean the wood chips or, with a bypass transport the product directly to the baler. When the product is sieved the sawdust is separated from the wood chips and returned to the dusty area with an auger. The dust-free wood chips are then transported to the baler

With an infeed hopper and a bypass, the customer can determine which product needs to be packaged and in what quantity. The wood chip production line and packaging line work independently of each other. This means that the wood chip production line can run while the packaging line is stationary and vice versa.

Installing 4 augers over a 25 gap requires a lot of precision, but by properly measuring the hall and drawing everything out in detail in 3D, the construction and assembly can be done quickly and flawlessly.

All machines are built, connected and tested by Willems in Hapert to ensure that everything works well. The machines are then broken down into as few parts as possible for transport.