Vertical Big Baler for Peatmoss and woodshavings

Europe,  June 2023

Willems delivered and installed a Vertical Big Baler for pressing and packaging Big Bales up to 1500 kg. This VBB presses and packages two types of products:

  • A mix of peatmoss and wood shavings
  • 100% wood shavings.

An infeed bunker is located on top of the machine. The pressing is performed by a hydraulic cylinder and the product is compressed in vertical direction. The film is formed directly below the pressing chamber, so when the bale is pushed out, the film fits tightly around the bale.

Depending on the product the operator chooses a program with preset settings to press and package a different kind of product. For example, when changing products, the operator only needs to press one button. The machine then adjusts the necessary parameters itself. When the product density of a product changes, the VBB corrects this itself by adjusting the dosage accordingly in order to achieve the correct volume.

The VBB has been developed in such a way that it functions as a complete packaging line. The product is fed in on top and the baler produces a big bale directly on a pallet. The pallet with the Big Bale is then fed out of the machine using roller conveyors. At the end of the roller conveyors, the pallet including Big Bale can be removed with a forklift truck and is ready for shipment or storage. A pallet dispenser buffers several pallets, so that an operator doesn’t have to place a pallet in the machine for every bale.

By using waterproof and UV-resistant flat foil, the Big Bales are waterproof and can be stored outside!

Willems Baling Equipment VBB

Vertical Big Baler for Big Bales