1500 bags per hour

Location: Austria

Date: August and September 2018

Willems baling Equipment delivered a robot to this customer in August 2018.

The robot was able to process 900 bags (pellets) per hour. The planing plant that supplied increased their delivery, so more product had to be purchased and processed. A packaging machine was needed that could process 1500 bags per hour. Willems has replaced the robot.

Main challenge

The biggest challenge was to deliver a robot that could process 1500 bags per hour.

What did Willems baling Equipment deliver?

A new robot that can handle 1500 bags per hour. The old robot was overhauled in Bladel end this robot was delivered in November 2018.

What did it deliver for the customer?

  • 1500 bags per hour can be processed and stacked.This is unique for non mechanical robots.

  • Less maintenance, so higher production.