Hay Baler without hydraulics.

Germany, May, 2023

Hay Baler without hydraulics.

Willems has developed and delivered a baler that can compress and pack hay without using hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors. The pressing is done using electric motors with, among other things, a crank connecting rod mechanism.

A belt dosing conveyor feeds the product into the electronic net weigh hopper. Software makes sure that the desired weight will be gained automatic. The settings in the weighing program adjust automatic. This means that the user of the machine only has to give in the desired end weight. When the bulk density of the product varies, the bale weight stays constant.

This baler has been developed for products that are easier to compress, such as hay. The baler is equipped with Motion control. Motion control is controlling a movement via a certain movement profile, whereby mechanical influences (friction, temperature, load, etc.) are adjusted in such a way that the same movement repeats itself over and over again.

Advantages of this baler without hydraulics are:

  • The baler consumes relatively little energy
  • No periodic oil change required and no more oil contamination
  • Machine is relatively low in decibels (no hearing protection required)
  • Electric motors can be easily replaced.

In summary, this is an energy-efficient and practical way of compressing and packaging products with low pressing force.