Willems supplies turnkey wood pellet line

Willems Baling Equipment engineered, built and installed the complete wood pellet line. The production capacity of the line is 7.000 kg of wood pellets per hour with a single pellet press.

The raw material for the wood pellets is residual wood that is shredded and then finely grinded in a hammer mill. This material is sent to a pellet press together with sawdust, where the mixture is moistened along the way to form a better pellet. In the pellet press, the material is pressed through a die. The friction and pressure in the die ensure that the wood fibre particles heat up and stick to each other. A knife cuts the strands that come out of the die to the correct length. A bucket elevator transports the warm granules to a cooler. Finally, the cooled pellets are sent to the storage location via a chain conveyor.

In total, Willems Baling Equipment assembled and installed 80 meters of screw conveyors, 100 meters of chain conveyors, 3 infeed bunkers, a hammer mill, a pellet press and a cooler.