Complete packaging line for flax

Belgium January 2023

Complete packaging line for compressing and packaging flax and ground flax. Willems balers can press and pack different sizes of bales with different compression ratios.

The baler processes more than 5,000 kilos of flax per hour and the robot stacks 6 bales per layer on a pallet. Due to a convenient bale height the robot is able to stack up to 10 layers of bales per pallet. This  totals 60 bales on one pallet.

The Robot and the Hooder L are both equipped to handle different pallet sizes. The pallet dispenser can handle Euro and Industrial pallets and the robot can stack on both pallets.

The stretchhood, applied by the Hooder L offers full protection against dirt, dust and moisture. The stretchhood also protects the products against scratches and surface damage. The Hooder L is also equipped with a second film roll. The second film roll ensures that the current film roll does not have to be replaced when using a different pallet size.

The combination of a high-capacity baler with a logical bale size and the high degree of automation ensures that this company gets the most out of the willems packaging line.