Refiner line for making wood fiber

Willems recently delivered a new refiner machine. The refiner is used for the production of wood wool.
The Willems Refiner works according the atmospheric operating principle with a rotor and stator.
The raw material is transported between this stationary and rotating disk, which are equipped with specially shaped friction plates. The rotating movement pulverizes the material and creates fibers.
The gap adjustment between these friction plates can be adjusted at the touch of a button. This guarantees consistent fiber quality and gives you the flexibility to produce different fiber coarsenesses.

Characteristic are the high capacity and low energy consumption.
The reproducible quality of the fiber is also guaranteed under all circumstances.

Wood fiber is suitable for substrates, horticulture, hydromulch, etc

Willems wishes the customer a lot of fun with this new machine line and many enjoyable hours of operation.

Refiner line for making wood fiber

The video shows the operational refiner and the wood fiber production.