Flax in different bale sizes

France, December 2022

Complete packaging line for compressing and packaging flax. The Willems balers are suitable for making different bale sizes with different compression ratios.

Flax is mainly used as (stable) bedding. Flax bedding has a high absorption rate, which means that less product is needed and due to its light weight it is easy to clean. It is also ideal to realize deep litter barns.

The baler can be set in a way that the bale length and height is variable. As a result, several bale sizes can be realized with different lengths, heights and weights.

The baler processes more than 5,000 kg of flax per hour and the robot stacks the bales on a pallet. The stretch hooder (Hooder L) then pulls a protective stretch hood over the pallet load. The stretch hood cover offers complete protection against dirt, dust and moisture and also protects the products against scratches and surface damage.

The robot and Hooder L are both designed to handle different pallet sizes. The pallet dispenser can buffer Euro, Chep and Industrial pallets and the robot can stack on all three pallets. The foil roll in the Hooder L can be switched easily when using another pallet size.