Form Fill Seal (FSS) machine

The Form Fill Seal (FSS) machine is suitable for grains and other free-falling products such as potting soil, sawdust, granules, wood chips, bark or tea. The load cell will be mounted externally so that accurate volume measurement can take place (calibration measurement). Multiple shaft sizes can be linked to it, making it possible to produce different bag sizes. The shaft can be changed in a few minutes. The bags are sealed with a length seal and a side seal with side beam. Willems baling Equipment has been at the forefront of the development of technology for fully automatic packaging from flat foil for years. By controlling all production processes in-house, we can guarantee quality from start to finish.


  • Released products where compression is not desirable.
  • Different bag dimensions possible *.
  • Capacity up to 600 - 800 bags per hour. **
  • Bag weight up to 30 kg. **
  • With foil change, the old roll is sealed to the new roll for automatic throughput and minimum change time.
  • A shaking machine ensures optimum filling of the bags.

* Depending on customer requirements
** Depending on product specifications


  • The machine is equipped with a weighing device for accurate volume filling.
  • The machine can also be supplied without the weighing device.
  • The falcon foil machine can be provided with a vertical press stamp for light pressing on products.
  • Extra bag size

FFS Machine

This video shows the different possibilities of the Form Fill Seal machine. The machine can be used for many loose products and with this, different sizes of bags can be filled and sealed.

Download the brochure

The brochure shows with images and explanation what the options and options are of the FSS machine