HL Baler

The HL Baler is a baler suitable for bulk products. 300 Bales per hour can be pressed with it. The main compression is horizontal. The compression ratio of the press is 3:1 and 6:1. The baler is suitable for a large number of product applications.


  • Standard Willems baler
  • Low density products
  • Standard dimension of the bales: 790 x 395 x 310 mm (l x b x h)*
  • Capacity up to 300 bales per hour**
  • Bale weigt up to 50 kg**

* Depending on customers wishes
** Depending on product specifications


Willems has many types of balers to be able to process every product application. This video shows the diversity in Willem's balers.

This video shows the diversity in Willems balers.

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