VB Baler

The VB-baler is suited for manufacturing big bales with high compression.
This type of machine is possible to use for all kinds of products, for example textile/clothing and other recycling products.
For textile a compression ratio of 5:1 is used. Other compression ratios are possible depending on product specifications and customers wishes.
The high compression results in a proper logistic size.
The machine is fully automatic! No personal required for adding straps or steel strings.
The bales can be made by weight or on volume. On customers request.
Willems can supply complete lines, included the infeed of the raw material, sorting stations, weighing units etc.
Please contact us, to discuss how your product can be baled with this fully automatic system.


  • Suited for all kind of products
  • Possible to put steel straps for packing
  • Possible to put plastic straps for packing
  • Possible to put a bag over the bale before strapping.
  • Capacity depending on product, and compression ratio.
  • Bale size example 1300 x 1100 x 760 mm (L x W x H) for textile
  • Bale weight example 500 kg (on textile with bale sizes as described)