VBB Baler (Very large bales)

The VBB (Vertical Big Baler) is a baler suitable for baling and packing very large quantities of products, including fast expanding products. The VBB baler is the larger version of the VL Baler and also presses vertically. The bale dimensions go up to 1500 kg**. The project at Theriault &Hachey in Canada, where the VBB baler is used for baling and packing peat, is a good example of what this machine can do. The VBB 2020 has a higher capacity (up to 30 bales per hour**) and in the machine the bale is automatically placed on a pallet, so no extra machine is needed. Not only from a cost point of view, but also from a price point of view a very interesting machine!

** Depending on product specifications 



  • Fast expanding products
  • Standard bale size: 1150 x 950 x 2700 mm (l x w x h) *
  • Capacity up to 30 bales per hour **
  • Bale weight up to 1500 kg **

* Depend on customer request
** Depending on product specifications


  • Packaged products despite large quantities
  • 24 x 7 in production
  • Low maintenance
  • Possibility of company logo on film for marketing purposes
  • Lower transport costs due to compact package

Vertical Big Baler

This video shows the VBB Vertical Big Baler processing large quantities into a bale.

Download here the folder of the Vertical Big Baler 2020

Find the information about the renewed Vertical Big Baler here!