VL Baler 2020

The transport of products is always subject to innovation. Transport is expensive. Products are not always easy to package and therefore take up a lot of space. Especially products that are difficult to compress. The VL baler presses the products vertically together and packs them quickly so that the products cannot immediately expand again.

The VL baler 2020 has undergone a number of important innovations including a new baling plate system. This has shortened the cycle time which leads to the following results:

  • Higher speed
  • Lower costs
  • More efficient production process
VL Baler 2020


  • Fast expanding products
  • Various bale sizes possible> on request
  • Capacity up to 250 bales per hour *
  • Option: extra bale size

* Depending on product specifications

What is the advantage for the customer

  • Packaged products in the desired size
  • 24 x 7 in production
  • Low maintenance
  • Possibility to print on foil for marketing purposes
  • Lower transportation costs

VL Baler


This video shows how a rapidly expanding product is well packed and prepared for transport.

Download the brochure of the VL Baler 2020

The brochure provided brief information about the new VL baler!