Bunker and buffering

A bunker guarantees a coninuous proces. The operator fills the bunker and it feeds automaticly the machines behind.

  • Infeed bunker with augers
  • Infeed bunker with walking floor
  • Buffering bin
  • Silo discharge system
  • Truck unloading system


  • Constant productflow
  • Buffering (input, storage, output)
  • Screening (selection and sorting)
  • Mixing
  • Control (inspection and detection)
  • Maintain quality and productspecification
  • Separation of bulk transport
  • Truck loading and unloading systems

In order to run a production environment smoothly, installing stand-alone machines is not sufficient. It is important to have experience with optimizing the total operational workflow from start to finish.
Fine tuning and synchronization of the various machines and connecting conveyors are essential to generate a perfect output. Transport can be automated and streamlined from the moment of delivery (delivery of raw materials).

Silo discharge system

The Willems Silo extraction system is capable of handling large quantities. Are you curious what it is possible to do?

Watch the video here