Willems has a large number of screening techniques in-house. The choice of the most suitable technology is highly dependent on the product, the required capacity and the available space. We are happy to advise you on which screening technology best fits your specific situation.

We develop and realize the customized solution for you.

Below you will find examples of the screening machines that we supply:

  • Drum screen
  • Air screen
  • Star screen
  • Shaking screen (Oscillating screen)

Drum screen

A drum screen is used for pre-sorting, sorting and classifying into fractions of various types of waste or bulk goods. With the drum screen it is possible to to sort different fractions and is available in different capacities. The product is transported by a rotating drum that is provided with screen covers. Small parts fall through the sieve decks, larger pieces leave the drum at the end.

Air screen

By means of an air jet everything that deviates (for example from wood shavings) is blown out of the system. Air-driven screening technology can be used for all types and sizes of dry substances.

Star screen

For removing oversize from your product. Oversize is transported over the stars, the product falls through. The star sieve is mainly used for sieving materials such as potting soil, manure, compost, peat and biomass.

Shaking screen (Oscillating screen)

The shaking screen is not suitable for sieving adhesive materials, but is often used in wood processing industries, such as dry bulk. Different fractions can be processed in a single pass with a swing sieve.

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