Log shaver

Willems baling equipment developed techniques to make excellent wood shavings. The log shavers are supplied in three capacities; single, double or triple. With these log shavers, wood shavings are produced with adjustable sizes; width, length and thickness of the shavings can adjusted to your desire. The stationary input bunker allows automatic input, which contributes to better continuity.

A specially developed system with interchangeable cutterhead cassettes is another plus for continuity. The complete cassette can be replaced in a matter of minutes with another cassette with sharpened blades. In the meantime, the blades in the removed cassette are sharpened fully automatically and this cassette is also ready for optimum planing.





  • Convertible cassette with cutterhead so downtime when changing cutterhead is less than 10 minutes.
  • Changing cassette safe and user-friendly, no ladders or climbing required.
  • Bunker is stationary so filling bunker is done while machine is running.
  • Machine works full automatically.
  • For log size 2500mm ±100mm - 3000mm ±100mm
  • Diameter logs: up to 450mm.

Log shaver

This video demonstrates the Willems log shaver. The machines have been developed for producing perfect wood shavings. Low maintenance and high continuity and quality.

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The log shaver contains even more options. If you want more information about this, download the brochure | willems baling equipment