Robot palletising

Advanced robot palletizing system of Willems Baling Equipment offers a wide variety of advanced palletising solutions. Based on a unique technology, we offer stacking systems with high performance and a wide variety of options. Our palletising systems have been developed to meet a wide range of flexibility requirements. The palletizing systems are able to adapt to product changes, changes in format and changes in the production line. The Willems robot palletizing systems are the ideal solution for all your handling activities. Willems Baling Equipment produces its machines for both industrial and commercial purposes. Our systems are capable of handling a wide variety of products, such as bags, bales, boxes, barrels, drums and tins.

High performance

As a global market leader in automated handling systems, Willems Baling Equipment offers an innovative, efficient, cost-effective and reliable solution for all customers worldwide. We offer tailor-made solutions with high performance and first-class solutions. Our systems operate with a user-friendly system, which is suitable for lifting and palletizing very heavy and bulky goods. The robot palletizing systems are designed for a flexible and fast solution for safe and controlled stacking of the goods.

Technical data:

  • Stacking bales, bags, boxes, pallets, etc.
  • Capacities: up to 1500 pieces / hour.
  • Belt conveyors for transporting the goods to the robot.
  • Roller conveyors to transport empty and full pallets.
  • Pallet warehouse for the supply of pallets.
  • 4 or 6 axis robots according to the required movements.

Development at the highest level

Since 1993, Willems Baling Equipment has been seen as one of the world's leading pioneers in the development of fully automatic packaging and handling systems. By developing advanced, reliable, user-friendly, efficient and safe robot systems, the company continues to live up to this position. Our team is able to provide fast service on site with experienced engineers and engineers, to ensure maximum efficiency and capacity.


  • Reliable;
  • Flexible, possible to stack multiple packages simultaneously;
  • Flexible, easy to build a system in the available space;
  • Minimal maintenance;
  • Easy to expand, start with a single line and by adding components to be converted into a double robot line;
  • Compact.

Robot palletiser

This video shows the diversity of product the robot can handle.

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