Stretcher TS

Packing stones on a pallet is not special in itself. But if it has to be ensured that the stones are visible from the outside. This is usually very difficult if the film is pulled over the stones when folded. 

We specially developed a machine for brick factories and suppliers who want to have their product visible at a glance.


The bricks are packed on a pallet with film wrapping, top sheet and straps. The total film consists of a round film and a top sheet in excess that is stretched with a wrapping band around. This creates a solid unit with distinct advantages for the presentation and use.

Because of the transparant top sheet, the structure, colour and lay pattern of the bricks can be seen at a glance.

But more important of this form of packaging is the ease of use; a total layer of stones can easily be lifted mechanically so that direct laying becomes possible.





The advantages

  • ​​​​​​The uniform top sheet shows the color and bonding of the stones at a glance.
  • The wrapping band can also be printed with advertisements for a beautiful presentation.
  • One layer of stones can easily be lifted mechanically.