Production in new business premises

Production Willems Baling Equipment relocated to new business premises!

The construction project of our business premises in Hapert, which has been in use for years, is almost complete! A beautiful new building with a nice entrance and reception area, spacious offices, a logistics area

 with a wide entrance for the carriers and production possibilities that have been greatly improved.


New production hall

New production space already in use

And talking about production; to a large extent this has already been transferred to the new building! Willems Baling is a healthy company and that means that production cannot stop!

To meet the high demand, two new machines have also been ordered. The space for that is already reserved! If these machines are installed, the production area is already well filled. But we always have room for assembly.


The new production and assembly hall is set up in such a way that there is sufficient floor space and that the hall is sufficiently high to build a complete machine.

Every machine and machine line that is built is first assembled and tested before delivery. In this way, Willems Baling Equipment can continue to guarantee the high quality that they have been supplying for years.

The relocation of the rest of the company takes place at the end of this month.

We will keep you informed!