smarter bale size can save huge costs

October 2021

Nowadays, we see often that customers choose for a slightly smaller bale size. Sometimes just 15 mm lower makes a huge difference in costs.

We recently had a case where a customer altered his bale size to a slightly smaller bale size:

This resulted that he could get 66 bales on the pallet instead of his original 48 bales/pallet. This resulted that he could get 37% more bales in a trailer. So he could save 37% of shipping costs per bale.

All together at a production of 500.000 bales / year, this saved him € 50.000,- per year. (on this single packing machine)

Not even taking his foil savings in account. A slightly smaller bale needs less plastic.

  • Saving in shipping costs per bale, in a period that fuel and shipping gets more and more expensive.
  • Saving in foil costs.
  • Better for environment. Less transport per bale, and less plastic per bale.

If you are interested in seeing what adapting your bale size could mean to you, please contact us.

Even on existing balers we can adapt the bale height, which can save you a lot of costs. we are looking forward hearing from you.