Cellulose fibres

Cellulose fibers are the main component of most plants. They can be obtained from various natural plant sources, such as wood pulp, cotton, flax and hemp.Cellulose fibers are used in the manufacture of many different products such as paper, textiles and cardboard.

The cellulose comprising these fibers (or a modified form thereof) is also used in the food industry as a non-stick agent, emulsifier, auxiliary agent, stabilizer, thickener, and for applying texture. In the cosmetic industry, cellulose is used for similar purposes. Cellulose fibers have a very high insulating and energy-absorbing capacity.

In short, a product that can be used in many ways and therefore also needs to be packaged well. On the one hand for transport, on the other hand to retain the unique properties. The machines listed below can take care of that process.